An Idea

Tongue out. Fingers up. Hair bouncing. ROCK

With Zeke Poultry on Lead Vocal/Lead Guitar/Driver – *Favorite Phrase – “You bunch of Dick Nuts! Get to work” also.. “1, 2, 3, 4….”

Oleman – Mechanic. Roadie

Clem Cephus on Keyboard/Tire Changer

Rodney Bodinngton – Body Mechanic/Drummer

Draxxx (drax-s-s) Carrington on Triangle/Windshield (Get off the head man. I can’t see.)

Tyrod Brokum (tie rod) – The loose wheel

Believes in the 3 R.  wRestling, Rocking and Racing

Part of the HasCar Circuit. Their motto. HasCar….Will Race

This week, first season analysis of The Dukes Of Hazard County. Why so serious Bo?

Possible Locations: Basement, Old Boxing Gym, FastCar Hauler & Garage

Possible Circuits: HazCar or FastCar

Possible Sponsors: Rockster or MonStar…CockStar or Mountain Mama Cola….and The Hoggly Woggly Grocery Chain or Wang-Dixie

Margie-Rita: Mountain Momma Model

Dixie-Wang – Male Model

Mountain Momma – Taste the Mammaries.

Rich pet owner. “Yes, I have a sick cat and unlimited income…please give charge me whatever.”


Character Sketches
Character Sketches
Location - Basement - Sketch
Location: Basement Sketch

Keep in mind: Character Development

2 story lines per episode using Meanwhile format instead of “and then” format. Stories intersect.

Story Line 1: Throw Some Dirt On It

When Pops Oleman is faced with eviction from his lake home community by the local lake housing authority; it is up to the boys to get old man Pops up to code. From tiller fires to hearing aids to a pizza delivered by Wayne the UPS driver the boys get to know each other a little more than is comfortable. Meanwhile, Clem uncovers a hidden treasure.

Story Line 2: Big Ronnie Llammadump.

When Zeke experiences writer’s block. He meets Big Ronnie who has a Llamma and has to struggle between his artistic integrity and a catchy tune (Big Runny Llamma dump)

Story Line 3: Take ‘Em Out

With the economy in the dumper. Things escalate when local food businesses compete for the guys take out order business. Mexican (Mexicans) V Chinese (Asians) V Pizza (Italians) V Subs (Whites)

Story Line 4:  Zeke 64

Nigel Mansel F1 Challenge…C’mon…C’mon….Zeke is looking to recapture his racing. Feeling nostalgic, the boys go on a search for race games of yore. Pushed out from the high dollar training of his competition where Virtual Reality is all the thing. Or is banned from the Simulator for beat ’em ups.

Story Line 5:  One Jak’D Bean

After Zeke’s favorite coffee bean (Jak’d Bean) is pulled from the market, Zeke is forced to try alternatives that result in Zeke slipping into a coma. It’s up the fellas to save him.

AND THEN: The Sit Down Mountain Mamma Challenge hosted by 96.6 “Rock The Planet” Radio Station.

Contestants are force fed MoMa energy drinks and must remain seated to win tickets for the big race/concert and the last bag of Jak’D Bean coffee in existence.

The contest puts the boys at odds with their fans and a little girl who is also trying to save her mom who has slipped into a coma after taking a similar route as Zeke. (isn’t it a small world) The coma mama was a Mountain Mamma Model during the 90s.

the main story and the subplot meet up at the end in a balls out metal concert in the middle of the race track‚Äôs field. Zeke is back and the little girl is invited to the concert. Her mom slowly throws up devil horns from her comatose state in the audience.  A night race is going on around them and crescendos with a fiery car crash that burns as the music fades. Metal as fuck!

This story is about drug addiction and big company greed over values.

Story Idea : Zeke Writes A Jingle to pay for his new band equipment

Story Idea: Install Wah wah peddle in car. To practice during pits. But Crew chief (Greg/Russel) think this is a waste of time. He should be focused on driving. Sabotage and lessons learned or not learned.

Petty Greg Jr. – The Only Black Crew Chief in Fastcar. Always has to deal with Jeff and Duncan.

Russel (Draxx) Carrington – Never the boss. Quiet. Except when he drums. Constantly Steaming in normal life.

Debbie As A Wife – Smoking, “What are you guys doing out in this garage?” Very grounded.

Flesh out the wives. Zeke has a flesh light bride

Fastcar Racers who want to be a band.

The hot babe married to the average guy.

3 Groups – Main Group, Second Group and The Evil Group.

Location – Garage is part band practice hole and part car garage

List Of Characters

Zeke Poultry:  Amalgamation of Chuck & Brian