The Crew

Zeke PoultyZeke Poultry (Vocalist/Ring Manager/Driver)

Zeke is an overachiever. Classic A personality. He wants to do it all. If you hang onto his coat tails real tight you might just touch the stars…or at the very least…Tammy’s boob…over the shirt…by accident….in a crowded room.

*Favorite Phrase – “You bunch of Dick Nuts! Get to work” also.. “1, 2, 3, 4….”

Rodney "The Bod" BoddingtonRodney “The Bod” Boddington (Guitar Shredder/Masked Wrestler/Body Jack)

This hairless wonder oils up before every show, match and race. Rumor has it that Rod buys his shirts from a VooDoo Doctor and are enchanted with magical dark powers.

Clem CephusClem Cephus (Bass Plucker/Mask Washer/Tire Changer)

Clem is a basement dweller who can occasionally be coerced out of his dank hole by promises of pizza and pop.

He lives a simple life with his 8 cats.

Clem loves his comfy basement shirt.

Favorite Phrase: “What’s for breakfast?”

Oleman OleMan (Roadie/Cut Man/Oil Man)

A mechanic by trade. He lost his job as Chief Mechanic for Bo Chickenfoot back in the 50s when he developed a nasty habit of inhaling Nitrous and diddling Bo’s wife. He was knocked down to “Oil Man.”

Due to his abuse of the Nitro he eventually forgot his real name Reginald Hothingbottom the third. He can’t talk because he will most likely explode.

draxxx-headshotComing Soon: Draxx